Momentum designs, develops, and manages innovation campaigns for forward-thinking organizations. Momentum’s clients include entrepreneurs, public agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our clients are working to research, develop, commercialize and operate transformative technologies.

Company Overview & History

Since 2005, our team has successfully designed $5+ billion in funded projects in collaboration with more than 750 clients, collaborators, and partners. We routinely provide administration, management, communication, and testing services to support the successful implementation of these projects. Momentum represents a variety of select clients ranging from technology start-ups to institutions and agencies, among them Southern California Gas & Electric Company, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, California State University, Schneider Electric, and the California Clean Energy Fund.

We’ve helped to create and fund many of California’s most innovative advanced energy programs, including the West Coast Electric Highway, California’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP), California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development Initiative, SuperCharge US, and the California Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Demonstration Program, among many others.

What Makes Momentum Unique

We are an honest broker. While we have a depth and breadth of experience organizing many competitive technologies and manufacturers, our clients can count on us to be neutral in evaluating and analyzing partner technologies, systems, and funding opportunities. Unlike many other consultants, Momentum is an independent agent whose mandate is to support robust and informed decision-making, and we do not receive compensation from technology vendors.

We are thorough and effective. Momentum routinely develops high-quality, sophisticated, analytical and technical documents with exceptionally short deadlines. It is routine for our team to create monthly, quarterly, annual, final reports and other associated technical documentation spanning hundreds of pages for multi-million-dollar grant programs with a variety of technologies and partners into cohesive, thoughtful, and compelling narratives.

We are values-aligned. Momentum is routinely called upon to develop and manage strategies that support diversity and social equity goals and objectives. As a registered small business ourselves, we work to maximize the inclusion of Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) and women- and minority-owned companies registered with federal and state governments.

We already manage advanced technology portfolios. Grant Farm’s Grant Management Systems (GMS) division actively manages a cumulative project portfolio valued at $350M as a service to our clients. This includes technology advancement programs utility, renewable and on- and off-road fleet deployment programs.

Notable Success

Momentum’s success in securing funding and opportunities for our clients’ products and services is well known throughout the United States. While the list below represents only a fraction of our successes, they demonstrate the breadth and depth of our capabilities supporting zero emission planning and deployment:

West Coast Electric Highway. On behalf of ChargePoint, Momentum managed the successful campaign to develop $30MM in funds to deploy the California portion of the West Coast Electric Highway, a contiguous DC-Fast Charge Corridor from the Oregon border to Mexico and the most aggressive deployment of EV infrastructure to date in California. Momentum managed the entirety of the grant development and submission process, developed budgets and scopes, identified new teaming and customer relationships, assisted in vetting technical innovations, and produced quantitative analysis and metrics supporting EV-infrastructure deployment throughout California.

California Hybrid Vehicle Incentive Program. Momentum managed the successful solicitation of over $55MM for CALSTART’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP), which has successfully distributed 3,300 vouchers valued to over 1,000 fleets, including at least 55 port tenants throughout California. On an annual basis, Momentum has assisted CALSTART in making a compelling business case for hybrid and zero-emission trucks and buses, helping to encourage new manufacturers to enter the industry and driving long-awaited cost reductions. The successful implementation of HVIP led to additional voucher funding from SCAQMD, California Energy Commission, and the SJVAPCD, including an additional $1.9MM in “Plus-Up” funding distributed in the San Joaquin Valley. Momentum also supported the expansion of the HVIP Program Concept to other regions, successfully developing $20MM in funding from NYSERDA for “NY-TRUCK” and another $18MM for the “Chicago Truck and Taxi Program.” Momentum directed proposal development of the US Clean Vehicle Incentive Program, a five- year initiative to expand voucher opportunities nationwide by $100MM and accelerate fleet adoption to 20,000 zero emission technology vehicles by 2020.

Kingdom of Jordan Electric Vehicle Ecosystem Plan. On behalf of our client, Momentum managed the research and development of the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem Plan for the Kingdom of Jordan. This ambitious plan positioned the Kingdom of Jordan as a regional leader in electric vehicle deployment, proposing a 100 percent electric future and a strategic approach to developing and maintaining a robust nationwide electric vehicle ecosystem. Momentum coordinated the input of multiple governmental and non- governmental agencies, evaluated EV corridor and siting strategies to reduce range anxiety issues, vetted emerging technology solutions, and collaborated with automakers and OEMs.

US Postal Service Advanced Drive Transport and Delivery Vehicle Demonstration. Momentum inspired, developed and managed this successful $7.5MM submission to the California Air Resources Board on behalf of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. The project—including the US Postal Service, CALSTART, Efficient Drivetrains, Inc., Motiv Power Systems, Morgan Olson, and SunEdison—funded the engineering, fabrication, and demonstration of 21 zero emission and near-zero emission USPS “step vans” and service trucks in Disadvantaged Area Communities (DAC) in the San Joaquin Valley.

Charge to Work NYC. On behalf of the New York City Department of Transportation, ChargePoint, Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM), Empire Clean Cities, ABM, General Motors, and BMW, Momentum managed the development of Charge to Work NYC, to engage the City’s most progressive and forward-thinking companies in a variety of incentives to stimulate up to 1,055 New York City (NYC) commuters to replace their existing fossil-fuel-powered cars with zero-emission plug-in electric and hybrid-electric vehicles.

Advanced Microgrids. Momentum managed the development of two of four award-winning submissions to demonstrate new business models in microgrid deployment. In collaboration with UCSD and partners Siemens Electric and Miramar Marine Base, SemperGRID: Phase II Scale-Up and Business Case Demonstration of Advanced Microgrid Deployment at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar was awarded $5MM in January 2017. Momentum also managed the successful $5MM Project RISE that will pioneer the integration of a mobile battery electric storage system at the Port of Long Beach with partners Southern California Edison, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, University of California Irvine, IBEW, and Long Beach Community College.

Zero Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Program. Momentum has managed the development of 36 successful demonstration projects funded by the California Medium- and Heavy-Duty Advanced Vehicle Demonstration Program over five funding cycles, earning partners more than $60MM in public funding and leveraging an additional $75MM in private investment. Project partners—including Volvo, Navistar, Caterpillar, TransPower, EDI, BYD, and many others—demonstrated 400 zero- and near-zero emission buses and trucks throughout California.

In addition, Momentum has managed a series of complex submissions to the US Federal Transit Agency National Fuel Cell Bus Program, successfully securing $59MM in collaboration with 30 project partners— including Ballard Fuel Cells, BAE Systems, and the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Facility—for the demonstration of a variety of fuel cell vehicles throughout the US.

US-China Clean Truck. On behalf of CALSTART, Momentum developed the US-China Clean Truck Initiative, a successful three-year initiative to develop $100MM in new customer and investment relationships between US advanced truck and equipment technologies and Chinese procurement and investment officials. Momentum developed and managed an industry ecosystem that included more than 50 representatives of industry and government in both the US and China.

Sharing California Innovations. Beating out 14 competitors, Momentum managed the development of the successful $5MM GreenBiz proposal to manage a high-impact, 4- year communications campaign that includes conferences, forums, symposiums and multi-media for the California Energy Commission.

Advanced Technology Centers. On behalf of our clients, Momentum has co-created many of the advanced vehicle and technology centers funded by the California Energy Commission. Momentum also managed the ideation and development of the California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development Initiative (CalSEED), a successfully funded $35MM early-stage energy accelerator managed by the California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF).

California Clean Energy Fund. Momentum successfully secured a total of $44.4MM for CalCEF’s family of organizations that seek to connect funding to cleantech innovations. Among our successes, Momentum conceived and managed development of the California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development (CalSEED) initiative, a $33MM program that makes investments in early-stage clean energy companies in California ( More recently, Momentum managed the successful $11MM California Test Bed Initiative—a historic collaboration between CalCEF, the 12 campuses and national labs of the University of California system, and up to 40 early-stage technology companies seeking entrée into the validation and test bed services of the university ecosystem. Momentum developed add-on funding to CalSEED with an innovative approach to the Department of Energy’s i6 Challenge to expand venture and risk capital investment to CalSEED companies. Momentum also managed CalCEF’s extensive 5-month effort—SuperCharge US—to secure $70M in funding from the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST), a 3-pronged strategy to rebuild US capacity to manufacture battery and energy storage technologies. With our management and coordination SuperCharge US grew to include $410M in leveraged funds from 6 states, 20 universities, and nearly 200 companies. Momentum successfully negotiated an additional $3M in operating expenses from the California Energy Commission for SuperCharge US. Finally, Momentum developed the $3M “Accelerate India” program to provide training and support to cleantech innovators in India, funded by US AID.

Next-Generation Grid Communication for Residential PEVs. Momentum managed the #1 scoring proposal for ChargePoint, in collaboration with BMW and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, to establish communication protocols and information flows to allow utilities to use PEV charging as a tool to manage local distribution circuit load proactively. This $1.5M project leverages vehicle-to-charger standards to vary and optimize the rate of individual vehicle charging while ensuring the total PEV charge needed is not compromised.

Advanced Waste-to-Energy Microgrids. Momentum managed $13.5MM in successful solicitations for Recology, Inc to construct the 250-ton-per-day Hay Road Anaerobic Digester and a facility at Recology San Francisco to extract organic waste from municipal solid waste to generate 7 MW of bioelectricity at East Bay Municipal Utility District. The projects leverage more than $45MM in private funding while demonstrating high-penetration, renewable energy microgrid technology, and ultra-low-emission equipment.

Smart Grid Deployment in Anaheim. Momentum teamed with the Auriga Corporation to successfully develop $5.9MM in funding from the US Department of Energy to fund the installation of 35,000 new residential smart meters and thermostats, representing 26 percent of Anaheim’s homes. The project was critical to reducing the city’s peak load energy usage by 10 percent and limiting the need for standby power plants. This project leveraged $7MM in private funds.

Largest Dairy Bioenergy Cluster in the United States. Momentum developed four innovative and award-winning submissions to the California Energy Commission and the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Our team secured $14MM in funds for the construction of 4 innovative California Bioenergy LLC dairy digesters that convert dairy manure into more than 20 million kWh of electricity per year and deploys innovative new grid strategies to reduce emissions and utility reliance at Lakeview Farms Dairy, West Star Dairy, North Dairy, and Carlos Echeverria & Sons Dairy in the San Joaquin Valley. The projects leverage nearly $20MM in private funds and constitute the largest dairy digester cluster in the United States.

Largest Biodiesel Expansion in California. Momentum manages the Public Fund Campaign for Crimson Renewable Energy and helped secure back-to-back successful grants totaling $10MM in only nine months for the increase of biodiesel production from 8 million gallons per year to 22 million gallons per year at Crimson’s Bakersfield, California production facility. The expansion makes Crimson the most significant single producer of biodiesel in California and reduces water use at the facility by more than 50 percent.