How do you make people feel?

“Feelings” is a dirty word in business, but it would be terribly naive to think that your customers don’t have them. As humans, we’re all subject to the power of our emotions, and those emotions guide our actions more than we’d like to admit.

How does your organization make your customers feel? Is it exactly how you’d like them to feel? Think specifically. Should they feel comforted? Secure? Thrilled? Warm? Happy? Scared? Pensive? Are you setting them up to feel this way with every interaction?

There’s one thing they should never feel: nothing.

If you’re satisfying a need, but your customers don’t feel an emotion when they’re with you, you’re an easy target for disruption from new competitors, lower prices, and more convenient options. Just like everything else, there’s a business-speak word for this.

It’s called branding.

By creating and maintaining a powerful brand, you’re effectively strengthening the emotional power of your company, and hedging yourself against oncoming threats to your bottom line.

After your core product or service, a strong brand is the single most powerful tool you have to make sure your customers keep coming back.

Are you in need of a stronger brand? Are you unsure what your brand should be, or how to make it both powerful and consistent? Shoot us an email. Our resident expert will review your current brand and deliver a complimentary score and report.