Constructing a clean energy future through the design and development of forward-thinking bioenergy strategies.


Moving Bioenergy Innovation Forward

Our team has helped to design, develop and deploy bioenergy facilities, utilizing anaerobic digester, wastewater, integrated microgrid, and dairy digester technology. Our bioenergy practice is one of the most robust and successful programs in the United States, know for our ability to:

  • Deploy bioenergy innovation and technologies throughout the United States
  • Provide strategic guidance for customers and early adopters on the benefits and applications of negative- and ultra-low-carbon bioenergy technologies
  • Develop pathways to demonstrate the full economic and environmental potential of new products by matching innovators and entrepreneurs with customers and deployment partners.


Momentum leads the nation in developing profitable bioenergy projects.

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Bioenergy is a highly complex and heavily regulated industry. High capital costs and the nascent nature of the technology require that successful projects be approached mindfully and with a high level of technical, political and financial expertise.

Profitable bioenergy projects demand a full a suite of financial vehicles including grants, credits, incentives, REC’s, exemptions, loans, and ultimately private capital. Momentums lead the nation in developing successful and profitable projects.

Momentum leverages hard-earned industry knowledge and experience to solve unique problems that occur during project deployment and implementation. Additionally, we support our partners with valuable technical expertise and bandwidth.

Bioenergy has the potential to revolutionize the way we manage waste. Momentum Media capitalize on this exciting opportunity by ensuring that public and private stakeholders are engaged and supportive of industry efforts.

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