Supporting commercialization of emerging and early stage transportation technologies.


Moving Fleet Innovation Forward

Our team is one of the most experienced and successful in the industry in supporting the design, development and deployment of zero emission fleet technology. We have supported over 2B dollars in project supporting a variety of activities including: 

  • Working to accelerate innovation and technologies for Class 5-8 fleet deployment 
  • Providing strategic guidance for customers and early adopters on the benefits and applications of zero- and near-zero-emission fleet technologies
  • Developing pathways to demonstrate the full economic and environmental potential of new fleet products by matching innovators and entrepreneurs with customers and deployment partners.


We foster creativity and innovation and support entrepreneurship and business building.



Momentum carefully designs projects to succeed in an incredibly competitive and capital intensive market. Our team crafts globally significant projects that demonstrate a full suite of zero-emission solutions. Momentum continues to support and develop electrification strategies for companies and countries around the world.

Our team has co-developed some of largest grant and voucher programs for advanced vehicle technology in California, New York and Illinois. Momentum leverages grants and incentive packages to support private investment and acquisition of our partners.

Momentums team manages fund development campaigns with the ultimate goal in securing an acquisition deal or significant investment for our partners.  We are proud to have leveraged over $5.1 billion dollars in deployed for our partners to date.

Our team regularly communicates the readiness of technology to investors, prospective buyers and a variety of other public stakeholders. Our industry experience allows us to powerfully communicate about a large ecosystem of innovations in heavy, medium and light duty technology including vehicles and infrastructure.

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Todd TraumanVehicle Systems Engineer


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