Defining the critical path to transform good ideas into successful products by executing campaigns that leverage public and private investment.

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Commercialization Plans

Plot a clear pathway to market.

Technology Transfer Plans

Powerful communication.

Fund Identification

Holistic opportunity discovery.

Project Management

End to end management.

Investment Plans

Layer diverse resources.

Grant Management

Streamlined reporting.

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What is the Blueprint?

Our team develops comprehensive commercilization, growth, and public funding plans for companies around the world. We work with early-stage technology companies and established multi-national brands. Scroll down to see what Blueprint can do for you.

Step One: Ideation

Ideation is the initial commitment to developing objectives. This involves advancing basic concepts and committing initial resources to achieve objectives.

Step Two: Asset Evaluation

This is the process by which we create a valuable resource library to support the development of funding and commercialization campaigns. It will memorialize a holistic understanding of the tools you have at your disposal. 

Step Three: Goal Setting

After we understand the assets in place, we move on to Goal Setting. This is the process of creating measurable, achievable, and actionable goals that guide individual projects (e.g. 100% renewable electricity, 100% zero-emission cargo handling equipment). Goals are intended to be aspirational and represent the ultimate direction and future of a project. These high-level goals frame any individual project and provide a foundation for developing projects.

Step Four: Formation

During this process, we design and develop specific projects that will be used to achieve the high-level goals and objectives. These projects are intended to reflect near-term opportunities. They are expected to be ambitious enough that multiple phases will be required to successfully complete them.

Step Five: Phasing

Phasing refers to the process of defining a project in multiple, achievable phases. For public funding, this range is typically between $2 million and $10 million to account for funding opportunities in the $1 million to $5 million range that may require 10 to 50 percent match contributions. For privately funded projects, this range is typical $20 to $50 million to attract institutional investment seeking significant investment opportunities with high potential for replicability.

Step Six: Preparation

Preparation includes the initial work to achieve success, including score optimization, project socialization, partnership development, and background information identification.

Step Seven: Development

Holistic comprehensive and integrated execution of all activities needed to secure complete project or phase funding.

Step Eight: Execution

The final step, this includes management of contracts associated with successfully acquired funding.

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