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What is Grant Management? 

Grant awardees are frequently blindsided by the administrative burden of successfully executing and honoring a grant contract. A Grant brings with it a huge variety of reporting and administrative tasks, which are often made more complicated by antiquated agency infrastructure and complex bureaucratic machinations. Momentum provides a streamlined system for managing grants, alleviating the administrative headache.

Project Management

Momentum currently actively manages a portfolio of more than $350M in renewable energy and transportation projects. We empower our project manages with a variety of enterprise systems and leverage their expertise and dedication to ensure that our growing portfolio receives the full benefits of our attention and strategic support. This streamlines invoicing, reduces your risk and ensures that you are able to meet milestones and produce critical deliverables.

Invoice Preparation

Keeping cash flow as consistent as possible, while ensuring that audit proof documentation is maintained is essential to the success of a grant project. Grant Management Services from Momentum deliver unparalleled service in this space. In addition to preparing invoices, our team acts as liaisons between contract managers and awardees. The grant management team provides solutions to unique situations including budget amendments, and shifts in project partners.


Final Report Preparation

The final report is a significant deliverable which often caps off agreements with funding agencies. This report is frequently not directly related to your business and can be seen as a significant administrative burden. Momentums unique management process streamlines the creation of this report, by archiving content and information in specific organizational formats.

Budget Review

At the center of any grant project is the budget. Money is what drives these agreements forward. Budgets for grant agreements can be particularly difficult to track and update because of the variety of specific budget categories and allocated costs.

Momentums clients benefit from our deep understanding of budget structure and best practices. Clients receive regular updates regarding remaining budget, match funds and a variety of other helpful updates to ensure that spending is on track and properly allocated.

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