Leverage non-dilutive funding instruments to acclerate commercialization of technology. Our grant writing team leads the nation in developing competitive proposals.

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You Are A Change Maker

You have a vision and are working every day to develop projects, programs, and technologies that could have a radical global impact on the way we power our homes and businesses, move people and goods across the globe, and produce and consume products.

We Believe In Your Vision.

At Momentum, we help your turn your vision into a practical reality. We specialize in accelerating the development, demonstration, and deployment of advanced technology. Through a combination of tenacity, inspiration, and hard-won industry knowledge, we guide our clients and their partners through the thicket of obstacles that can bring critical projects to a stop.

We help you realize your vision.

Our proprietary idea development process quickly and cost-effectively expands organizational bandwidth to turn a great idea into a funded and commercially viable project.

Turn You Ideas Into Practical Realities

We’ll help you develop your plan, access funding, and take your vision to market

Since 2004, Momentum has developed and executed fund campaigns for entrepreneurs, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit agencies.

In close collaboration with our clients and partners, our team has helped leverage more than $5.1 billion in investment—advancing technology, improving the environment and creating jobs and economic opportunity in partnership with many of the world’s leading innovators

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