Jennifer serves as the Project Director for Momentum, overseeing grant proposal production and submission. She has almost 25 years of experience in project and personnel management across a variety of technical industries, including bioenergy, clean transportation, factory automation, and applied physics. At Momentum, she applies her considerable organizational skills to manage client communications, solicit and organize proposal content, create and conduct QA/QC processes, and develop proposal content in collaboration with technical writing staff.


Prior to Momentum, Jennifer served as Project Director at Burst Technologies, where she performed budgetary and resource management for internal acoustic and hydrodynamic cavitation system development and operation, as well as related commercial projects. She directed scientific and technical personnel on the development of laboratory-scale technology through prototype and, ultimately, product level. She was also responsible for preparation of customer project proposals and defining and managing internal documentation procedures. She also served as Technical Manager. In that role, she directed scientific and technical personnel, managed technical resources for proof-of-concept and subsequent development projects for a variety of commercial applications that resulted from the company’s core research. Earlier, she worked for Parker Hannifin Corporation, Morgan Systems, and Wisconsin Electric. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys skiing, camping, hiking, biking, swimming, cooking, and craft projects.


University of Wisconsin, Madison, BS, Electrical Engineering, 1987