The secret to success is found in your daily routine.

I truly enjoy the people I work with. In a professional setting, I find it rare to encounter such a universal friendship. The team culture at Momentum is forged in some truly passionate efforts to deliver exceptional products. It is an experience that keeps you coming back for more.

I am currently reading Where The Wild Things Are.

I love working in the Sacramento office, there is a private nook with a beanbag chair. I love to install there and really dive into significant, deep work. You can still see the hustle of the office through a little window, but you are immersed in a comfortable and quiet space.

Personally, I think success is all about being able to say honestly that you tried your hardest and worked on the project with integrity. Its a very personal metric, and holding it up to some external formula is a mistake.

I love watching Formula 1. Alot.

Anyone considering working with Momentum should really believe in what we are trying to accomplish. People who are not value aligned on at least some level will quickly find they lack the real passion and commitment that it takes to make changes in this space.

My go-to coffee order is Cold Brew.

I ran with the bulls during Sam Fermin. It was awesome!




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