Get ‘er done.

I like the fact that these projects are doing something good for the environment.

Work-wise I am most proud of handling a massive budget change that affected about five documents in each of eleven proposals the afternoon before they were due (in printed form, not uploaded). All eleven were printed overnight and submitted the next day on time. All were awarded funding. Could not have been possible without Hannah and Ethan.  Personally I am proud that my children have grown to be successful, empathetic young adults.

I love working at the Grass Valley Momentum Office. There is a massive skylight, which pours in natural energy and really helps invigorate the space.

An old Tom Clancy book – at the gym I like to read fairly mindless things to make the time go faster. I like getting old spy and intrigue books from the local used book sale.

Most people would consider me very lucky as I am fortunate to have a secure life and wonderful family. I don’t think this should be attributed to luck, however, as I have made choices throughout my life that have led me to this place.

My go-to coffe order is a non-fat latte.

I have been to 15 countries and will go to four more this spring.

I dont really update or use LinkedIn




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