When in Rome

I love the process of engaging with and helping our clients. Its something we have developed over time and I am immensely proud of it. I love watching a company grow through the thoughtful development of a project with our team.

I really enjoy all of the incredible people I get to work with. This team constantly challenges me to grow and improve.

I love working at Shine Coffee, E&14th in Sacramento. Something about the buzz and energy of the people and the fine kombucha they have on tap, really helps me focus.

Shantaram. I love books about adventure and intrigue. I also love to travel so, Shantaram really captured my imagination.

Being outdoors, connecting with nature keeps me focused and centered. Whenever I need to clear my head, I leave to the mountains.

I have had the pleasure of visiting over twenty-three different counties. I feel that as human beings its our duty to get to know other cultures and perspectives. Travel has always been a great tool for doing that.

My go to coffee order is Black. Straight up.

I would rather take on the duck-sized horses. Logistically sounds easier.

I frequently read the New York Times for news. 




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