I work to democratize the relationship between energy and people. We are in the midst of a dramatic transformation in how people think about, use, and pay for energy–in a manner that is revolutionizing the markets for energy and the opportunities for sustainability.

This work gives me the opportunity to move a concept through all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization. We get to work–serially–with teams that have brilliant and sometimes abstract ideas and inspire, organize and manage those ideas into reality.

I love to work in front of a whiteboard. Working with a small, thoughtful team to move an idea into a visual presentation. It’s as close to the moment of conception as anything.

I have visited about fifty countries. Most recently, our team wrote a Blueprint to electrify the transportation system of the Kingdom of Jordan. I’m inspired by the idea that one of the oldest continuously inhabited nations on earth is also in the midst of becoming a global leader in the deployment of renewable energy and electric vehicles. Jordan is even installing solar panels on every school and all 6,000 mosques.

My go to coffee order is hot almond steamed milk.

If I had unlimited funds, I would send a flotilla of trawlers to the Pacific Gyre that would collect waste in the ocean. Teams on board would ensure turtles, whales and sharks were released, and the waste plastic would be converted to liquid fuels to power the trawlers. In perpetuity.

I frequently read The Economist and the New York Times for news.

I define success as being able to do what you want to do with your life and smile about all the way.

That we’ve grown a company from two of us in a coffee shop to a robust and inspired team of professionals that are successfully working to rock the world on a daily basis. Working together, we’ve inspired clients around the world to create and execute upon the most ambitious advanced energy, transportation and manufacturing initiatives.

When I am not working you might find me, in no particular order; listening to my kids, loving on my wife, and petting my dog.

I’m nearly finished reading with “Wisdom at Work: The Making of the Modern Elder” by Chip Conley. Chip founded Joie de Vivre Hotels at the age of 26 and at age 53, after his heart flat-lined, sold the company and went to work for an unknown start-up named AirBNB as one of the company’s oldest employees. He asserts that transitioning to a modern elder requires a person to be simultaneously a “mentor” and an “intern” — as he calls it, a “mentern.”

I want people to remember me as someone who tried his best to contribute meaningfully and generously to the world.’

I served in the Army National Guard. My job was to teletype field orders from the headquarters battalion. I sat in a small metal box with another teletypist. When I went back to college, I failed to properly record it and was reported AWOL. I received a letter in my dorm that I needed to report immediately or I’d be sentenced to Army Prison. I reported immediately. You will not find that story on my LinkedIn.

I make every effort to shine light on the capabilities of those who I work with. My world is full of every-day heroes who don’t receive the acknowledgement or gratitude that they deserve.




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