There’s no beer value in food, but there’s food value in beer.

My favorite thing about my work is that I get to see a lot of, and often get to be a part of, many burgeoning high-tech companies and technologies. I live for moments where you stumble on someone’s idea that hits you as being so clearly, so fundamentally powerful and transformative that you wish you just time capsule yourself ahead 50 years, just to see the magnitude of the influence it eventually will have.

I’m an extremely lateral thinker, so I do my best significant, deep work (or perhaps, deep, significant work) at a standing desk, surrounded by as many computer monitors as I can find, trying to take in as many sources as possible. I was always that kid that needed as big a desk as was available to spread out all the paperwork that’s ever existed, so I could cross-reference something, then cross-reference the cross-references.

I would rather fight a thousand tiny duck sized horses. I’d slap on my chaps, saddle up my pony, and giddy-on-up to wrangle them lil’ bitty duck horse things with my buddy baby buckaroos.

I would like to be remebered as a friend who helped stoke entrepreneurial fires and helped build the products and companies of their dreams.

Too many entrepreneurs end up letting their world-altering ideas, inventions, and concepts, get stuck in the early stages of the design lifecycle. Maybe they can’t find the funding/time, or don’t know how to prototype, or know how to do proper patent research or one of a thousand other reasons fantastic ideas get stuck in the home office or garage. I’m passionate about changing that paradigm.

Coffee with cream and sugar, preferably in 5-gallon jugs or in interveinal form, when possible.

I am currently reading, The Associates, by Richard Raynr. A fantastic book about the Big Four (Hopkins, Huntington, Stanford, and Crocker) who essentially started California, starting in Sacramento. Cutthroat capitalists, entrepreneurs to the max, founders of the first continental railroad.

When I am not working you can find me playing golf with buddies, throwing a frisbee for my Border Collie, Munroe, or hiking with my fiance, Katie.

Having studied engineering in school and learned construction from my father, I recently designed, built, and opened a full-fledged, successful restaurant from scratch, converting an old church and barbershop into a neighborhood tap house. It took an awful lot of work and an immense amount of personal sacrifice, but it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and is something I’m proud to say I built and own.




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