As more and more organizations see the need to cut emissions and decarbonize operations they’re increasingly looking toward Momentum ( to help them navigate the process. From program and fund development to technology deployment, Momentum’s expanding team of experts guides forward-thinking organizations through the energy transition. 

Momentum founders, Shawn Garvey and Mark Filimonov promoted chief operating officer, Matt Hart, to oversee and lead Momentum’s growth and ensure client success. 

“Matt is brilliant a strategist and tactician. dramatically accelerates our client’s capacity to deploy clean technology innovations,” said Momentum founder and CEO Shawn Garvey. “He combines this with powerful leadership qualities that are growing our team to meet global demand for innovation and zero-emission technology.”

Momentum ( is an innovation and clean-tech consulting firm, dedicated to developing and deploying solutions to the climate crisis. Since 2005, Momentum’s team of strategists, scientists, project managers, and communication experts have designed projects to decarbonize transportation, shipping, and industry. 

“Momentum has grown tremendously in the last four years. My shift to the role of President from COO is a reflection of our team’s growing capabilities,” said Hart. “I’m excited to spend more time working directly with clients to identify the next opportunities and solve today’s innovation challenges.”

Hart came to the Momentum team after a career in climate technology spanning several continents and focused on zero- and near-zero-emission, on- and off-road equipment demonstration, and community-scale renewable energy generation, including micro-grids, solar, wind, hydropower, and organics waste management. He received a bachelor’s of science and a master’s degree from Stanford University in environmental engineering. 

In his work, he focuses on a complete life-cycle approach to clean technology solutions that results in sound economic, environmental, and equitable projects that shift energy production and utilization toward a sustainable future. Hart brings a comprehensive and analytical engineering and financial approach to his work with Momentum that includes: technology evaluations, greenhouse gas life cycle modeling, carbon pathway modeling, environmental review, air permitting, financial and economic feasibility studies, sensitivity modeling and analysis, resource assessments, and siting study & evaluation.

Hart also serves as the Chair of the Electricity Subcommittee for the Bioenergy Association of California. He is intimately familiar with legislation and rulings related to the interconnection of distributed electricity and renewable natural gas. 

In addition to being a technical expert, Hard is a natural leader with an empathetic coaching style. 

“Matt’s been a huge resource and support to me as I’ve grown with Momentum,” said Ethan Hanohano, Momentum’s Vice President. “Matt just makes you believe you can do anything and then you do! It makes for a fantastic work environment.”

About Momentum

Momentum is a cleantech solutions firm based in Sacramento. The Momentum team of experts designs, develops, and deploys innovation campaigns for organizations working on transformative water, energy, transportation, and manufacturing technologies.

The Momentum team is driven by a vision of a world where clean energy, water, and transportation are abundant, affordable, and available to all.