What We Do

Momentum offers a suite of complementary services. Most clients need a specialized mix of activities making up a multi-stage campaign. We work closely with each of our clients to build out the right package to meet their goals. 

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After in-depth interviews, research, and outreach to potential funding agencies, Momentum prepares a customized, multi-year fund development strategy—a Blueprint—designed to dramatically increase the ability of our clients to solicit, attract, and manage public and private funds and incentives. More than just a list of funding opportunities, Blueprints also include guidance on project socialization and outreach, partnership development, team building, communications, and marketing.

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Momentum tracks emerging funding opportunities, conceives powerful projects, and writes compelling, successful proposals for grants, loans, and other public and private incentives. Momentum has successfully raised approximately $1 billion from a variety of federal, state, and local agencies. Momentum has also helped develop several major funding programs, including CalSEED and CalTestBed. Through its subsidiary, e-Mission Control, Momentum also generates significant revenue for companies that charge their medium- and heavy-duty electric equipment.

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Momentum handles all aspects of post-award administration and project management, including contract negotiation, kickoff meetings, invoicing, and reporting. Since 2015, our dedicated team has led or helped manage the successful implementation of more than $650 million in water, energy, transportation, and manufacturing technology projects. Critically, we guide clients through the process of developing a clear, consistent, and transparent recordkeeping process designed to minimize risk in the event of an audit.

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Technical Services

Momentum’s team of scientists, researchers, and engineers provides a range of technical services to clients deploying innovative clean energy, transportation, water, and manufacturing technologies. These services focus on quantifying technology performance and lifecycle emission reductions. They include measurement and verification, data collection, lifecycle analysis, and GREET modeling to establish carbon intensity pathways for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

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Momentum Media designs and implements powerful communication strategies designed to build trust and credibility among stakeholders, showcase client success, generate leads, identify and engage potential investors, and educate customers, funding agencies, and the general public. Momentum Media professionals possess expertise in everything from marketing, video production, and design to public relations, event planning, social media strategy, and technology transfer.

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Momentum works with clients to design, develop, and deploy new innovation programs, such as incubators, accelerators, grant making programs, and investment pipelines. This process typically involves applying for government-funded opportunities to launch new innovation programs, upgrading and streamlining existing innovation programs at research organizations, or implementing new innovation programs for corporate clients. Successful programs are designed to identify, fund, and grow the next generation of innovative technologies and products.

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Momentum helps innovators and technology developers commercialize their early-stage ideas through strategic advising, government relations, fund development, sales and procurement partnerships, and rapid commercialization. Working closely with entrepreneurs, funding agencies, innovative corporations, and research organizations, we help launch new ventures, explore new markets, improve the performance of critical programs, and identify demonstration and pilot opportunities.

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