Emily Nichols Joins The Momentum Leadership & Strategy Team After More Than A Decade In Utilities

SACRAMENTO, CA. –September 1, 2021 – Momentum is proud to announce the addition of Emily Nichols to its expanding team of experts. 

Emily Nichols
Momentum’s newest strategist, Emily Nichols. Photo by Doug Cupid.

Before joining the Momentum team, Nichols spent more than almost a decade at PG&E and more than three years at SMUD. Over the course of her tenure in utilities, she designed and executed company-wide commercial and residential segment strategies and managed product portfolios, with a focus on core revenue services, rate design, grid resilience, and technology implementation. She delivered accelerated initiatives to support customer satisfaction and product objectives and oversaw complete Customer Experience (CX) strategy research and tactics across departments.

“I’m so happy to join the Momentum team,” said Nichols. “Working to combat the effects of climate change in our communities is significantly fulfilling, and I love getting to work with such a diverse set of clients.” 

Nichol’s focus is on the end-user experience and brings that lens to all her projects. At Momentum, she’s already helping clients develop innovative, community-centric, clean-tech programs. 

“Emily’s approach to projects is exciting and refreshing,” said Momentum CEO Shawn Garvey. “The customer experience expertise she brings to the team is going to help our clients move to the next level of clean-tech programs.” 

Nichols joins the Momentum team during a time of growth and refocusing. Momentum started as the Grant Farm back in 2005, with a focus on acquiring public funding for cleantech projects. In 2019 the company rebranded to Momentum and shifted focus toward holistic cleantech strategy and project management. Nichol’s skills align perfectly with the company’s growth strategy and business goals. 

Some significant projects Momentum is involved in are: 

  • Demonstrating more than 100 zero- and near-zero emission vehicles at the ports of Long Beach, Oakland, and Stockton
  • Developing the West Coast MHD Electric Highway, a medium- and heavy-duty electric charging corridor from Mexico to Canada
  • Building a pipeline system and clean-up plant to capture and process methane from dairy farms and turn it into renewable natural gas
  • Building the largest waste-to-energy facility in North America

About Momentum

Momentum is a cleantech solutions firm based in Sacramento. The Momentum team of experts designs, develops, and deploys innovation campaigns for organizations working on transformative water, energy, transportation, and manufacturing technologies.

Momentum has a global reach, delivering strategic planning, fund development, project management, and commercialization services from Los Angeles and Seattle to New York City and the Kingdom of Jordan.

The Momentum team is driven by a vision of a world where clean energy, water, and transportation are abundant, affordable, and available to all.

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