Funding: Total: $14,000,000. Maximum awards: $7M.

Dates: Online Bidders’ Conference: November 18, 2020. Application Submission Deadline: January 15, 2021.


To reduce air pollutant emissions generated by heavy-duty diesel trucks that transport goods to the “Inland Ports”, the MSRC Clean Transportation Funding™ Program is seeking to partner with trucking fleet owners to begin their transition to zero or near-zero emission goods movement. Specifically, this Request for Proposals (RFP) seeks proposals from qualified businesses who frequently transport containerized or bulk goods to warehouses, distribution centers, logistics facilities, or intermodal freight transportation hubs located in Riverside or San Bernardino counties. MSRC Clean Transportation Funding™ is available to partially offset the cost of acquiring zero or near zero emission heavy-duty trucks and associated refueling infrastructure and/or electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), as applicable.

Project Topic Areas:

This RFP seeks proposals for the acquisition of heavy-duty zero or near-zero emission trucks and supporting infrastructure primarily used to transport goods within the South Coast AQMD region with destinations in the Inland Empire. The following are project elements eligible to receive MSRC Clean Transportation Funding™:

Acquisition of Zero-Emission or Near-Zero Emission (Z/NZE) Heavy-Duty On-Road Trucks

Purchase or lease and deploy into revenue service new on-road heavy-duty Class 7 or Class 8 trucks (gross vehicle weight rating greater than 26,000 pounds) that are zero-emission (e.g., battery or fuel cell) or equipped with a “near-zero” emission natural gas engine1 . Under this RFP, “zero emission” is defined as having no tailpipe emissions and includes battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell technologies. “Near-zero” includes engines certified to the CARB Optional Low-NOx standard of 0.02 grams per brake horsepower hour or cleaner.

Electrification to Support Zero Emission Trucks

Design and install Electric Vehicle Support Equipment (EVSE, i.e., chargers) to allow onsite recharging of battery electric on-road trucks. For the purpose of this RFP, “EVSE” includes vehicle chargers, solar canopies, charge management system hardware, and energy storage system hardware.

Development of Onsite Renewable Natural Gas Refueling Infrastructure

Design and install natural gas refueling infrastructure to allow onsite fueling of near-zero emission natural gas on-road heavy-duty trucks.

Development of Onsite Hydrogen Refueling infrastructure

Design and install hydrogen refueling infrastructure to allow fueling of hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty on-road trucks.


The total amount of MSRC Clean Transportation Funding™ allocated for this Program is $14M. Funding will be awarded on a competitive basis. The maximum funding award to any entity under this RFP shall not exceed 50% of the total available funding, or a current maximum award amount of $7M. This maximum funding restriction can be waived by the MSRC in the event the MSRC does not receive meritorious proposals from other bidders or if the MSRC allocates additional funds to the program.

Project Requirements:

MSRC funds will be distributed on a reimbursement basis only upon completion of approved project tasks and submission of all required reports and invoices; MSRC funds are not intended to fund staff salaries or administrative costs; Funding provided under this RFP opportunity cannot be comingled with funds from any other MSRC Program, i.e., no “double dipping”; Finally, in accordance with state law, all projects awarded MSRC Clean Transportation Funding™ are subject to audit. The provisions of the audit are discussed in the Sample Contract, attached to this RFP. It is highly recommended that bidders employ Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) when administering their MSRC co-funded project.

Transportation companies seeking MSRC funding to buy down the capital cost of leased vehicles must partner with the truck leasing company and submit a joint proposal. Any Contract resulting from an MSRC funding award will require the Truck Leasing Company to act as the prime contractor and contract signatory. A proposal may request funding for Infrastructure-Only, either EVSE, renewable natural gas refueling equipment, or hydrogen refueling equipment. However, the proposer must demonstrate that qualifying on-road vehicles intended to utilize the MSRC-funded infrastructure have or are in the process of being acquired. Documentation will be required to confirm vehicle acquisition has been initiated prior to execution by the MSRC of an Infrastructure-Only funding award. Vehicles and infrastructure receiving MSRC funds are required to be retained by the awardee for a minimum of five (5) years from the date MSRC co-funded vehicles or infrastructure enters revenue service.

Eligible Applicants:

The MSRC is seeking proposals from entities who, as a part of their business enterprise, frequently transport goods to warehouse and distribution facilities located in the Inland Empire using heavy-duty Class 7 or 8 trucks. Eligible entities include licensed motor carriers, third party logistics companies, freight forwarding companies, truck leasing companies, and private businesses who own or lease trucks to transport goods to freight facilities located in San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Heavy-duty trucks that will be used in conjunction with a project submitted under this RFP must, at a minimum: Accrue at least 85% of their annual mileage within the geographical boundaries of the South Coast Air Quality Management District; and Demonstrate that at least 70% of annual trips include destinations within Riverside and/or San Bernardino County.