Funding: Total: $90,000,000. Maximum awards: $200K for equipment, $2.7M for fleets.

Dates: Application Available: August 18, 2020


The VW Mitigation – ZE Class 8 Trucks Category will be administered by the South Coast AQMD through the Technology Advancement Office. This category is intended to support the expansion of zero-emission truck availability in the heaviest weight class that have typically relied on diesel technologies. The Project Administrator will evaluate all submitted project applications for completeness and eligibility, and select projects on a first-come, first-served basis. Projects will also be evaluated to determine if the project qualifies as benefiting a disadvantaged or low-income community.

Project Topic Areas:

General Eligibility Requirements:

  • Projects must implement zero-emission technologies certified/approved by CARB.
  • Trucks must be commercially available and ready for use.
  • Trucks purchased must be part of a service and maintenance network.
  • Trucks must be in service within 24 months of contract execution, unless otherwise approved by the Project Administrator.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they are in full compliance with all applicable state, federal, and local rules and regulations.
  • The existing truck being replaced must be scrapped by a CA OMV-licensed dismantler.
  • The replacement truck must be a new truck.
  • The replacement (new) truck funded through this program must be operated in California for a minimum of three years.

Funding/Cost Sharing:

There are $90 million in funds allocated to this category, for which the first installment was allotted $27 million. The first solicitation is approved, and applications will be made available online beginning Tuesday, August 18, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. (PT) until funds have been expended. Applications will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications may contain funding requests for multiple trucks; however, fleets will be limited to no more than 10 % of the available program funds for this solicitation (i.e., up to $2.70 million) per Entity (Applicant), as determined by Tax ID. If insufficient applications are received to expend the available VW Mitigation funds for this PA, the Project Administrator reserves the right to issue additional contracts beyond the stated limit.

Applicants must provide cost information that specifies the amount of funding requested and the basis for that request by providing a vendor price quote as part of the application. Applicants need to inform the vendor of the time frame of the award process so that they can accurately quote costs based on the anticipated order/purchase date. Quotes must be dated within 90 days of the application submittal date. For government agencies obtaining trucks through a bid process, bid process documentation must be provided indicating cost of each individual truck to be purchased. For all projects, payment will be made upon the submittal of a complete and valid invoice for the reimbursement of costs paid by the Contractor for the new truck, and verification that the truck meets the program requirements and was placed into regular operating service. Proof of destruction of the old truck is also required prior to payment of VW Mitigation funds. The Project Administrator will pay a percentage of the invoice as described in this PA or the contract maximum amount, whichever is less.

Project Requirements:

The scope of work involves a series of tasks and deliverables that demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the VW Mitigation – ZE Class 8 Trucks Category as administered by CARB and the Program Administrator. At a minimum, any proposed project must meet the following criteria: Emission reductions must be surplus to any existing regulatory requirements; The old and new truck must meet all eligibility requirements; Project trucks and equipment must operate in-service in the state of California at least 75% of the time for the full contract term; All trucks must be in operation by the in-service date specified in the contract; Appropriate annual records must be kept and reported to the Project Administrator during the contract term of three years (e.g., odometer readings) and must be retained for three additional years after the term of the contract; All applicants must be fully compliant with applicable rules and regulations to be eligible for consideration for VW Mitigation – ZE Class 8 Trucks Category funding; and If requested, a contractor must provide a financial statement and bank reference, or other evidence of financial ability to fulfill contract requirements.

The following application/supplemental documentation items will be needed to determine project eligibility:

  • Applicant must demonstrate compliance with applicable CARB rules or regulations, which may include, but is not limited to: TRUCRS Fleet Compliance for each project application, Drayage Truck Registry Compliance for each project application, Compliance with the Solid Waste Collection Regulation for each project application, Compliance with Fleet Rule for Public Agencies and Utilities
  • Applicants must provide the CARB Executive Order for the old and new truck
  • Applicant must provide a copy of the vehicle’s title (must be a clean title with no active lien holders)
  • Applicant must provide a vendor price quote for the new truck dated within 90 days of application submittal, or for government entities provide documentation for a bid process which includes the cost of each individual replacement purchase
  • Applicant must provide twelve months of vehicle registration documentation
  • Applicant must provide twelve months of truck insurance documentation, or for government agencies who are self-insured, documentation certifying self-insurance.
  • Applicant must provide twelve consecutive months of usage records (e.g. mileage records, maintenance reports or other documentation)
  • Applicants must provide photos of existing vehicle/engine including: Entire front of truck, Entire side of truck, Truck license plate number and unit number/identifier (if any), Vehicle Identification Number {VIN), Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) label, Engine tag (with engine model year, serial number, engine family name, and horsepower rating clearly identified)
  • Six required Business Documents: DMV Registration Records, Insurance Certificate(s) or documentation certifying self-insurance for government agencies that are self-insured, Records of Annual Usage – including Odometer Readings, Operational and maintenance issues encountered and how they were resolved, Self-certification of where the truck was operated, Self-certification of compliance with labor laws

Eligible Applicants:

Both public and private entities that own and operate eligible vehicles may apply. Funding is available to replace the following vehicles with zero-emission technologies: Class 8 only freight trucks (including drayage trucks), waste haulers, dump trucks, and concrete mixers.