Funding: Total: $6,000,000. Maximum awards: $3M.

Dates: Accepting applications: November 6, 2020 – January 15, 2021


The purpose of this grant is to partner with operators to deploy zero- and near-zero emission on-road trucks and off- road cargo handling equipment and supporting infrastructure.

Project Topic Areas:

Eligible Vehicles or Station Types include Zero- and near-zero on road trucks and off-road cargo handling equipment and supporting infrastructure. Eligible Fuels include Battery Electric; RNG; and Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Eligible GVWR are between 26,000 lbs. and 80,000+ lbs. Eligible Geographic Location: Trucks must accrue 85% of mileage within South Coast AQMD and 70% of annual trips must include destinations within the Inland Empire.


The maximum funding amount under this solicitation is $6,000,000, with maximum project funding of $3,000,000 (can be waived). MSRC has not set specific funding requirements for maximum vehicle/infrastructure and maximum applicant funding. Funding can be stacked with HVIP, CORE, Charge Ready and the SCAQMD Market Acceleration Program.

Project Requirements:

MSRC has not set specific scrappage requirements and there are no leasing restrictions at this time. Specific operational requirements are not identified, but operations focused in Riverside and San Bernardino will be most competitive. Reporting requirements and PO and deployment timing to be provided in a more detailed RFP for full proposals.

Eligible Applicants:

Operators that frequently transport goods to warehouse and distribution facilities in the Inland Empire using Class 7 or 8 trucks. Applications that include the buydown of leased vehicles must include the leasing company, who will be the prime contractor.